Board Members

Meet The Aftermath Foundation’s Board of Directors


Luis Garcia, President, Chair of the Board

An entrepreneur from an early age, Garcia has a long, successful track record of creating growing and transforming companies. Before becoming a founding member of The Aftermath Foundation in December 2017, he was the President and owner of Prime Mover, a high-volume, on-demand, nation-wide printing and fulfillment center which for 18 years pioneered a transformation in the printing industry by integrating some of the first digital printing equipment ever made and using custom, user-defined ordering websites, at a time when most were trying to figure out how to utilize the Internet.

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Garcia has started a variety of diverse and dynamic businesses across different industries, from a leasing company to a computer training center. He also has served as an independent business consultant and executive coach. Garcia is also a founding member and Vice President of The Ivan’s Choice Leukemia Foundation, a charitable organization that offers support and resources to children suffering from blood cancer.

Garcia was a member of Scientology for 28 years. He completed numerous training courses and also reached the pinnacle of Operating Thetan Level 8. He left in 2010 after becoming aware of the widespread fraud, deception and abuses perpetrated by church officials on its members. In short, he had had enough, and he then made it his life mission to expose such abuses. In January of 2013 he filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging fraud against the church of Scientology.

Garcia is known for his ability to start businesses and make them a success through his expertise, hard work and perseverance.


Aaron Smith-Levin, Vice President, Vice Chair

Raised in Scientology, Aaron worked for the organization full-time, as a staff member and a Sea Org member, from the age of 12 to 26. He held various positions in Philadelphia, Clearwater & Los Angeles, all related to training Scientology auditors. Aaron left the Sea Organization in 2006 and officially left Scientology in early 2014.  Since 2015 Aaron has been educating the public about Scientology and exposing abuses within the organization through his YouTube channel “Growing Up In Scientology.” Aaron owns and runs OTG Research Group, a boutique investment research firm catering to hedge funds. Aaron lives in Clearwater, FL with his wife and three daughters.


Claire Headley, Treasurer, Board Member

Claire was born into Scientology in the UK. At the age of 4, Claire’s mother joined the Sea Organization, and Claire was a member of the “Cadet Organization” from age 4 to 10. Claire joined the Sea Org at age 16 in LA, where her family had relocated, and several months later she was positioned at the Int Base, Scientology’s headquarters in Hemet California. Claire held positions in staff training, staff counseling, and eventually was posted in RTC, Religious Technology Center where she worked for 8 years. Claire escaped in January 2005, three weeks after her husband, Marc Headley escaped. Claire has been speaking out about Scientology’s abuses since 2008. In 2008 Claire formed and now manages Remote Bookkeeper LLC, a successful bookkeeping business, which provides services to companies all over the US. Claire lives in Colorado with her husband and 3 sons.


Christie Collbran, Secretary, Board Member

Christie grew up in Scientology and worked as a member of the Sea Org for nearly 14 years. Since leaving she has appeared in the news  and TV shows exposing the abuses of Scientology. She is a professional doula and owner of a thriving doula agency in Tampa Bay. Christie successfully served for six years as the President of the Tampa Bay Birth Network, a non-profit 501c3 organization, turning it into a valuable resource for the community. Christie lives in Palm Harbor, Florida with her husband Mike and her two sons.


Mike Rinder, Board Member

Raised in scientology, Mike rose to the top of the organization before leaving in 2007. He has been a vocal whistleblower against abuses in scientology, most recently as the co-host with Leah Remini on her show Scientology and The Aftermath. He also shares information regularly on his blog


Marc Headley, Board Member

Designing and installing educational interactives across the US for past presidents and musical icons is Marc’s day job. Since 2005, Marc has worked tirelessly to expose the inner workings and abuse that occurred at the Scientology headquarters he worked at for 15 years. Marc has appeared on documentaries and TV shows profiling Scientology and their abuses in many countries. Marc has also traveled to Europe to educate government officials and law enforcement on how Scientology avoids prosecution for their activities. Marc lives in Colorado with his wife & three sons.

Ray Jeffrey, Board Member

Mr. Jeffrey is an experienced trial lawyer. He has earned the coveted AV-rating from Martindale-Hubbell. AV is the highest rating for legal excellence and ethics. He achieved double board certification in 1989, and has been recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer, and as a Best Lawyer in San Antonio. Mr. Jeffrey has served in significant elected and appointed positions in his community.