How You Can Help

The Aftermath Card Project

As we continue our mission to help more people leave Scientology, we think this project might do just that. We are asking everyone to help us reach scientologists, staff and sea org members as well as public, by distributing these cards.

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click here to download this file: Download Business Cards
  2. Print the cards on the file on Avery #8871 Business Card blank sheets.
  3. Leave a card everywhere you go. Everywhere is fine, because we don’t know who will see it or pick it up or how it will get passed on. The idea is that over a period of time these cards will be seen by all kinds of people and we hope, one of them reaches a scientologist in distress who will then contact the foundation for help.

Each card you leave behind has the potential of extricating and saving a life from Scientology.

 Thank you for your help.